Bubble & Berry



bubble-berry-confettiAt Bubble and Berry, we offer a mixture of elegant, premium quality and gorgeous confetti along with party accessories to sparkle the superb parties you throw all year round.


We never stop thinking of new designs, keeping the balance of the latest trends as well as the classic traditional style to ensure you find the perfect confetti you are looking for to be delivered to your celebration by Bubble & Berry. We believe tradition of throwing confetti has still got a lot to offer and is never going out of style.

Whether you choose one colour or a mix of many different colours, throwing confetti always brings a little something special, celebration and a bit of craziness to your photos making it one of a few “must have” photo shots of the event. Just picture the happy and funny faces as being showered with confetti.

All our throwing confetti are light, falling delicately and slowly leaving plenty of time to capture the magical moment. All of our petals are 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly and dye-free, making them the perfect choice for a unique confetti moment. We offer a wide variety of petal colours and traditional packaging options to choose from individual portions, baskets, confetti cones and pops, boxes, bags, wands. These are ideal for adding unique finishing touches to wedding décor also for the reception tables.